In 2004, ICS Financial Systems Ltd. (ICSFS) ( emerged from ICS (London) as a leading provider of universal banking software systems focused on the financial industry upon the rapid growth, demand, and maturity of the ICS BANKS software. ICSFS is dedicated to software development and integration for the banking industry, from retail banking solutions to global financial institutions.

Our ICS BANKS is a state-of-the-art software that delivers maximum value to banking clients of all sizes. This universal software is a complete suite of banking business modules with a rich sweep of functionality and features addressing business needs foremost, and automating accounting processes as needed, to enhance a customer’s business performance.

ICS BANKS uses the latest technologies to cover all business areas such as Core banking, Remittances, Trade Finance, Lending, Credit Facilities & Risk Groups, Finance Leasing, Investment and Islamic Banking. The use of the latest technologies to provide availability, scalability and best performance is one of the goals achieved by implementing ICS BANKS.

ICS BANKS is Scalable and Modular; each of its modules is parameterised to quickly support a client’s unique workflow, as many of its modules are designed to stand-alone, since implementation of any module can be separately accomplished. Therefore, each module can be integrated seamlessly with other business modules, on any platform, and can quickly interface with legacy system, as well as its open architecture capabilities to quickly interface with third-party applications. This design of the ICS BANKS system modules eliminates the need for any additional interface between modules and the core system, and streamlines data flow within our system, providing faster and easy–to-use software and insuring real STP.


Finally, ICS BANKS gives the user the facility to deploy modules at any level, whether head office, branch or external delivery channels, such as Internet Banking or Kiosks.

ICS BANKS was developed with embedded state-of-the-art features including:

  • 24/7 banking through a variety of delivery channels (Branches, Internet, Phone, Mobile, and ATM & POS).
  • Complete suite of banking business modules with a rich sweep of functionalities and features.
  • Open system, highly parameterised, scalable and modular.
  • Thin-Client Browser-Based solution.
  • Rich with a wide range of external delivery channels.
  • Innovative leading technology solutions.
  • Multi-Tier deployment as Centralised, Distributed or Hybrid setup.
  • Immense business functionality offers unbeatable price-performance value.
  • User-friendly.
  • State-of-the-art software delivering maximum value to banking clients of all sizes.
  • Provide clients with incredibly flexible best-of-breed technology and unparalleled support.
  • Product-Parameterisation.
  • Business-Oriented.
  • Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA).
  • Straight-Through-Processing (STP) - Business-Based system offering End-to End event-driven processing capabilities.
  • Open architecture that enables the system to fully interface with existing information technology infrastructure as well as telecommunications networks (S.W.I.F.T., Telex, Reuters, etc.).
  • Comprehensive security features are built into the software to manage system access, enforce confidentiality of information, ensure data integrity and contain frauds.


ICS BANKS helps banks to transform the operational procedures to meet current and future financial industry standards through applying best practices and by being in compliance with international standards; such as IASB, IFRS and Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. 

Our creation and transformation of ICS BANKS orbits a number of pillars such as:

- Customer-Centricity

- (Know Your Customer – KYC)

- Product-Parameterisation

- Business-Oriented

- Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

ICSFS uses the latest technologies and computing concepts in the ICS BANKS system’s development, making it open and portable to numerous hardware and operating system platforms.

The use of Oracle technology provides the system with built-in disaster recovery, flexibility, data integrity and high performance.

All ICS BANKS modules are fully integrated, which streamlines data flow within the system, providing faster and easy–to-use software.

ICS BANKS modules are fully compliant with the latest versions of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

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