ICS NSIS solution provides a state-of-the-art technology, providing BIG DATA information analytics about people, locations, transactions, plans and assets, thus guaranteeing Police and Security personnel incredible security resources. ICS uses the latest design methodologies to provide our Security end-customers with the smoothest transition from a manual or legacy system to the most modern environment possible.

We recognize the need for accurate and systematic control of records so we designed our police automation software to be highly efficient as well as user-friendly. That true High Levels of National, Civil and City Security can only be provided by a totally integration of all national Information Assets.

That the effectiveness of the NSIS System relies on high speed capture and update of information with the ability to rapidly invoke a response to any security threat.


Command & Control Information System (CCIS)
CCIS is an enhanced-feature Command and Control Software for the automation of Police Records, Resources and Operations. CCIS offers comprehensive functions for Security Information Acquisition, Coloration, Analysis and Management. CCIS is facilitates the provision of security services to people at large, and the control of specific situations with people and of selected populations, ensuring rapid deployment and secure Incident Control. Resource Management, detailed Community Records and sophisticated CID functions are all standard within the software. Inventory and control of Firearms and Explosives are also taken fully into account.


CCIS Modules include:

  • Criminal Investigation
  • Incidents Control
  • Resources Management
  • Firearms and hazardous materials
  • Community Records
  • Licensing and Vehicles Information
  • Security Management Information System

CCIS Modules include:

  • Automatic vehicle location system (AVLS)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)
  • Aliens and Borders Control System (ABCS)
  • Facial Recognition
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Secure Mesh Communications
  • VIP Protection
  • Intelligence Capture and Command


Aliens & Borders Control System (ABCS) 
ABCS provides automation and tracking mechanism for all activities related to traffic across a territory's borders. Whether locals or foreign nationals, goods or equipment, ABCS allows Police, Customers and Security Personnel to account for ANYONE arriving in, or departing from defined territory. Additionally, it would also be used to coordinate efforts between different internal agencies involved in travellers’ activities.

ABCS also streamlines critical immigration functions by synchronizing information between all border points, all airports, all seaports and any other checkpoints that may be necessary. ABCS is multilingual and can also utilize Biometric information for increased security.

ABCS updates relevant records of travellers around borders "in real time" so that the system provides up-to-date information for users such as Immigration Check-Point (ICP) officers.

For more information about ICS NSIS, please do not hesitate to contact us at contactus@icslondon.com