Networks today face an ever-growing number of threats to their IT systems. In the long run, it may be very costly to ignore these threats when the potential consequences include loss of data, loss of service and - perhaps most damaging - loss of credibility and customer confidence.

ICS provides support and implementation of a number of products and services aimed at reducing or eliminating these risks. ICS staff has a wide range of experience with firewalls, sophisticated anti-virus and intrusion detection systems, content scanners, strong authentication products and encryption.

On the services side, ICS staff can carry out security assessments to see how vulnerable your networks are, and then work with you to make them more secure. The staff can also design and implement Disaster Recovery procedures, and mirror your data to secure offsite servers. Our goal is to work with our customers’ needs and to implement the best security systems if so required.

Linux security Services

  • CIPE service ( VPN Service for Linux)
  • IPSec configuration
  • IPTables (Linux Firewall)
  • PAM 

Windows Security Services

  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Network Address Translation
  • ISA Server 2003
  • IPSec
  • Certificate Services

Anti-Virus Services

  • Desktop Protection
  • Network protection
  • Email protection
  • Cyber Protection

Citrix solutions:

Citrix is the trusted solution partner of 100% of the world’s largest banks, all of the Forbes’ highest-rated financial services companies and the 10 top-rated banks based on S&P Capital Ratios. Thousands of financial institutions around the world rely on Citrix technology solutions for banking and financial services IT to drive efficiencies and innovation to stay on the leading edge of market competition.

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